I had some trouble with my Child Theme after the Divi 4.10 update. It was no longer outputting a Custom Field in the Blog Module. I finally got it working again.

I share the files here. If you create a Custom Field named ‘event_date’, this Child Theme will add that to the output of the Blog module. (The Divi Blog module doesn’t support custom fields yet, posts do.)

The field content will be outputted with the class ‘blogdatum’.

‘Datum’ means date in Dutch and will be displayed on the Blog module, hence the somewhat confusing name… sorry for that. Mind you: This is NOT the Created or Modified Date, it’s a totally separate Custom Field, see instructions below.

I also included a check whether the date is in the past or in the future. If the date is in the past, the class “oudedatum” is added (oud means old in Dutch 😉 )

Edit at will.

The instructions that I used (and that stopped working with the old Blog.php but worked again after some tinkering and the new Blog.php): can be found HERE.

If you’re looking to show a Custom Field on the Divi Blog module, this might be a good starting point and it could definitely save you some time.

If you need some kind of Date to display, this might be your lucky day.


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